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Please check how Mosha handles your personal data

Mosha will do the following:
  • Log your IP address and basic information about requests and responses.
  • Use Facebook for its newsfeed. Facebook will have separate privacy settings.
  • Log all data transferred through the HTTP2telnet gateway.
  • Use plain text storage and transfer. There is NO encryption.
  • Only use your data for debugging.
  • Delete your data within a year.
  • In case of a legal request, provide your data to law enforcement.
  • Use a cookie to track your consent to handle your data this way.
  • Only use your Email address to respond to a request sent to us.
Please click on 'Consent' below to allow Mosha to handle your personal data as described above. You can always revisit this page and click on 'Revoke' to revoke your consent.

We can be reached via e-mail at




    Privacy Policy

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