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Last Updated: December 13, 2000
Mud Created: October, 1994
Code Base: LP 3.1.2/2.4.5 COMPAT
Site: port 5317
Admin Email:
Theme: Various, currently fantasy with electricity
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Primary Language: English
  • Avg. # of Players: Under 10
  • Multi-Play: Yes
  • Player-Kill: Yes
  • Extended Race Selection
  • Extended Class Selection
  • Ansi Color
  • Quests Available
  • Character Approval Unnecessary               
  • Roleplaying Is Accepted
  • Level-Based Training System
  • Detailed Character Creation
  • World is mostly stock
  • Small World (under 3,000 rooms)
  • Mud is fully operational







This is the RushMUD, for those that have been there before. It is currently still rather small, and welcomes new players to come and become wizard. It is the original lpMUD code, with the original lib, but we do have some new and fun quests as well as a newbie area. Currently it is set in a fantasy style setting with electricity, but for those wizards that would like to code something new: we do allow for different realms and are setting up a way to move between them with automatic item change.



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