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the grand adventure

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 Mosha ?

The beginning

"You are in the forest. This part of the forest is light and green, with not too much bushes growing between the trees. To the north the path leaves the forest, into the hills, and to the south the path seems a bit muddy. To the west you can see the monastry that you came from, and to the east the forest gets darker and more menacing." 

These are the first words of the grand adventure designed by Maarten Hofman. In this adventure you, the famous paladin Simon, have to save the renowed Country of Masaer. It is currently threated by a horroble black evil!

What is it?

The game is a webbased adventure, showing maps. you have to navigate yourself through the Country of Masaer and us the items wich appear on you path. Be careful to make the right choices, or death will be immenent! 

Start !

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