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What is this? 

This HTTP to TELNET gateway allows you to access any telnet site (also through firewalls) from the WWW without the need for special client software. The data from the server to your client will go at the same speed as a normal telnet connection but your commands will be sent using the HTTP protocol, and will therefore be slower. Fill in the address and port you wish to connect to make a connection. Note that data you enter in this session is not private and can be observed by the administrator of this server. This includes but is not limited to the login and password combinations. Hints.

Usage of the gateway is free. However, there are costs involved in running the server. You can support Mosha by pressing the 'Like' button above, or by buying my latest novel (the kindle version is $2.99).

Important information regarding connections

There are two ports open, 8000 and 8080. You can change the port manually if one port doesn't work for you. Also, like us on Facebook for ongoing updates.

Let's GO!

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