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The story about the money

All basic features are for free. Some nice additional services are to be paid for. Have a look at our pricing list for more information.

The story about the money

This short text was written to explain the basic question: "why, if the gateway is free, should I donate money?" and some related issues. All figures in this text are in US dollars, because the Amazon honor system uses this currency for payments.

In case you do decide to contribute, just use the "Click to Give" on the right to make your donation. Any amount is welcomed.

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1- Cost

The following costs are associated with running this server:
Equipment Clearly we have a computer, and, even though it isn't an advanced system (Pentium I, 90 MHz, 32 MB) it is sufficient for the task that it is performing. However, it is already rather old, and, like all computers, it won't have an eternal life. I estimate that the computer will fail within five years. Given the price of a new computer, say $750, this means $150 needs to be reserved each year to make sure a new computer is available when the time of the current one runs out. $150
Network The current network connection (2 Mb/s) costs $54 each month. Fortunately, there are other people using the connection, therefore we only need to pay half of this. It, however, still amounts to $324 per year. $324
Administration Obviously there are many other costs, like electricity and phone bills, as well as people that work to prevent or recover from hacking and viruses. As these costs can't be clearly specified, they are left out here. However, there is one administrative cost which is clear, and that is the cost of registration (which is required in the Netherlands). This cost is approximately $50 per year. $50
Total Each year $524

2- Innovations

You could also see the money as an incentive. Even if only a little bit of money comes in via the WWW-site, this will encourage us to increase our efforts to add new functionality, improve speed and offer new services.

Of course, other incentives, like feed-back forms and Emails are always welcome too.


3- Future

This isn't meant to be threatening, but it is obviously possible that the costs will eventually become too much for us to continue the service as it is now. You have seen other WWW-sites, so you know the alternatives:
Advertising Even though advertising doesn't pay as much as it used to, they at least guarantee some level of income. Also, our site has high retention factor, and allows for many advertisements in a single session.

As you probably noticed, due to the lack of donations last year, we have some, hopefully unobtrusive, Google ads and search windows available. Let us know what you think.

Premium services It is also possible that users will be separated in "paying" and "non-paying" users, and limit the functionality for non-paying users. Services like cliser, the JAVA client, or specific ports (like SSH, SMTP, NNTP, HTTPS) would then only be available to people that contribute.

As you probably noticed, due to the lack of donations last year, we did limit access to certain ports to donating customers. Let us know what you think.



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