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  • if you copy our form to access the server, or to download cliser, we recommend having our banner on the same page. We might disable access to our server if the banner is not present. The banner should link to
  • sometimes you only see "Telnet in progress...", but if you type the appropriate response, the connetion will suddenly continue? This is because your firewall (or your browser) might be buffering the output from the HTTP2telnet gateway, thereby seemingly "hanging" on the initial prompt.
  • you can download (from this WWW-site) a program called cliser, which, after it has been set up, will allow you to make any TCP/IP connection through your firewall? This means that you can use your favourite telnet or MUD client, instead of the options offered by the Mosha WWW page. It will also encrypt your connection, to help avoid detection by the firewall's administrator. With a proper setup, it will even allow you to retrieve mail from POP servers with your Email client, or open secure shell connections. And it is available for three common operating systems.
  • that the echo option really works? Of course, if the server you are connecting to would use the telnet protocol correctly, you wouldn't need this option. But not all servers do.


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