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These are the frequently asked questions regarding the HTTP2telnet server. If your answer is not on this page, you can always send it to Maarten Hofman

  • Is there any chance you might be willing to let someone set up a US mirror?
    We used to be, but after the recent hacking attempt using our gateway we have grown more careful.
  • How unstable is the software, and how nasty is it when it fails?
    Both the server software and the client software are normal programmes and will usually only exhibit the usual problems of beta software. No guarantees are given for either, though.
  • Could you please add this-and-this new feature to your server?
    Probably I could. Please send me suggestions to any features that might increase the usefulness of this server.
  • Can we have the software so we can run it on our own servers?
    Not at this time. Currently there are two reasons for this: the software is copyrighted by Mosha and there is currently no desire of this company to distribute it, and secondly the software runs on an outdated version of the interpreter, and needs a big revision before it reaches a releasable state. Clearly, offering sufficient amounts of money might increase the speed in both areas.
  • Could the server move to port 80, because this will allow my proxy to connect to it?
    We were thinking about it, but with the recent hacking attempt and the increasing number of viri attacking port 80 we decided not to. There is currently a project (called fetish) that will allow such connections. Please send a request for more details.
  • Why is my IP blocked?
    Too many connection attempts from one IP address are automatically temporarily blocked. All other restrictions are handled through your ID.
  • Is it possible to use HTTPS (secure)?
    At this time this isn't possible. If there are more requests for this, I can look into providing it.
  • What software was used to implement the gateway?
    Everything was written from scratch. It runs on its own WWW-server with its own implementation of all protocols. The software was written in Pike. The cliser client is written in C++.
  • Why is the terminal emulation set to dumb?
    Currently it is rather difficult to implement cursor positioning, which is needed in order to make a client anything else than dumb. If you really need another setting, you can usually force it by changing your environment variable called TERM to the desired emulation.
  • How can I enter a single character without a linefeed/carriage return?
    Set the options to "button bar". This will allow you to send any ASCII character. Beware of the 255 character, though, this is the telnet escape sequence (the button bar also allows you to send these sequences in complete form).
  • How is it possible that I don't disconnected from a site even though I disconnected from your gateway?
    The gateway, due to its nature, creates separate links to your terminal and to the site you're connecting to. Even though it tries to keep track of the link to your terminal, it can sometimes get confused, mainly due to limitations in the HTTP protocol and many proxies. Opposite can also happen: sudden disconnects while you feel you should still be connected. These can be detected by looking at the icon of your browser: if it stops moving, assume you're disconnected.
  • I have a question about registration...
    There is a separate registration FAQ.

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