The Dæmon of Cormagan

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The Dæmon of Cormagan is the first book in the Mar Enmig series. The second book, The Hæven of Punyal, is also available.

The Master of Cormagan inherited a robber baron's castle high up in the mountains. He fell in love with a local farmer's girl, and helped her after horrible things happened on her farm. He feels they are growing close, but unfortunately she goes missing during siesta and an initial investigation shows that something supernatural might be involved.

The Master decides to invest all the resources at his disposal into getting her back.

This is Maarten Hofman's first book set in a mediterranean steampunk world with action, adventure, and several mysteries.

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The book has a number of wonderful illustrations done by Marlon Teunissen. Find more of her work here, or read the 'making of' blog, which will also feature updates regarding the next episode, "The Hæven of Punyal".

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It's a well thought out story with a good build up. Very enjoyable read.

- M. Irons, Amazon reviewer

The characters are varied and well developed. The unique setting is interesting in its own right.

- M.H. McCloskey, Amazon reviewer

The combination of myth and imagination is so powerful that you are amazed at how they mingle with each other.

- Saman, Amazon reviewer